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SRF Conference 2019 - Call for Short Papers


The SRF 2019 conference will include a Short Paper session for which all attendees are encouraged to submit proposals.  Short papers must be related to the main conference theme of 'AI and Robotics: the science, opportunities, and challenges.'

Each speaker will have a maximum of 15 minutes presentation time, to be followed by 10 minutes discussion.  Proposals, in the form of a title and a 200 word summary, should be sent by Friday 15th February 2019 to The Revd Dr Gillian Straine at


Submissions will be acknowledged within two weeks of receipt. If you do not receive an acknowledgment please re-submit your proposal. Acceptance of short papers will be according to criteria of quality, originality, relevance to the conference theme, and plausibility of presentation within 15 minutes. Submissions from students are particularly encouraged. Those whose proposals are accepted will be informed near the end February 2019. 

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