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Christopher Southgate - Committee Member

Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Theology, University of Exeter

Chris trained originally as a biochemist, and still has an involvement in origin of life research. Since 1993 he have been teaching the science-religion debate at Exeter. He was part of the ‘Exeter Project’ on ecological hermeneutics, and gave the 2014 Sarum Lectures on the theme of glory and longing. Chris has spoken at a number of Forum conferences since 2002, and edited our journal Reviews in Science and Religion from 2005-10. His other work is in Anglican ordination training, and he is also the author of six collections of poetry.


  • The edited textbook God, Humanity and the Cosmos (T&T Clark 1999, 3rd edn 2011)

  • The Groaning of Creation: God, evolution and the problem of evil (WJK 2008)

  • Greening Paul: re-reading the Apostle in a time of ecological crisis with David Horell and Cherryl Hunt, Baylor 2010)

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