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Professor Christopher Southgate

Committee Member

Professor Christopher Southgate

Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Theology, University of Exeter

I trained originally as a biochemist, and still have an involvement in origin of life research. Since 1993 I have been teaching the science-religion debate at Exeter. I was part of the ‘Exeter Project’ on ecological hermeneutics, and gave the 2014 Sarum Lectures on the theme of glory and longing. I have spoken at a number of Forum conferences since 2002, and edited Reviews in Science and Religion from 2005-10. My other work is in Anglican ordination training, and I am also the author of six collections of poetry.


  • The edited textbook God, Humanity and the Cosmos (T&T Clark 1999, 3rd edn 2011)

  • The Groaning of Creation: God, evolution and the problem of evil (WJK 2008)

  • Greening Paul: re-reading the Apostle in a time of ecological crisis with David Horell and Cherryl Hunt, Baylor 2010)

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