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SRF 2015 Conference

Science and Religion: Celebrating the Dialogue and Exploring the Future

St John's College, University of Durham, Durham, UK

3rd - 5th September 2015


This conference marked the 40th anniversary of the Science and Religion Forum and we took the opportunity to review both the past ground and future directions of the science and religion field. We were pleased to return to Durham as it has played an important part in our Society history - being the location of many SRF conferences (including the first in 1975) and through the support of Durham's then Bishop during the formation of the Society.


Dr Helen De Cruz
Dr Michael Burdett
The Revd Dr Andrew Davison
Prof Wim Drees
Prof John Hedley Brooke
The Revd Prof Alister McGrath
The Revd Dr Gillian Straine
The Revd Prof David Wilkinson

Download the conference poster.

Download the conference leaflet.

Proceedings from the conference were published as Forty Years of Science and Religion: Looking back, looking forward. Book ed. Neil Spurway and Louise Hickman, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016


Closing Remarks, Dr Mark Harris - Download here

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