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Reviews in Science and Religion

Reviews is the journal of the Science and Religion Forum. It includes recent reviews of books in the general field of science and religion as well as news about the Forum. From later in 2018 it will also include selections from the proceeding years meeting or conference.


It is published twice a year, in May and November. Material should be sent to the Editor, with an electronic copy, by March 1st and September 1st respectively.

Members are invited to bring to the Editor's attention appropriate reviews, particularly those written by members, for consideration in a future issue. Members are requested to obtain the permission of the editor of the journal of the original publication. It is sometimes possible to include other articles, such as comment on particular issues or notice of meetings. Enquiries should be sent to the Editor in good time.


Maureen Simpson.

More recent editions of Reviews that are older than two years can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. Members of SRF can download more recent editions in the Members Area of this site.

#70 November 2017

#69 May 2017

#68 November 2016

#67 May 2016

#66 November 2015

#65 May 2015

#64 November 2014

#63 May 2014

#62 November 2013

#61 May 2013

#60 November 2012

#59 May 2012

#58 November 2011

#57 May 2012

#56 November 2010

#55 May 2010

#54 November 2009

#53 May 2009

#52 November 2008

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