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Maureen Simpson - Reviews Editor


Maureen has been a teacher practitioner for 18 years, teaching science to school pupils, predominantly situated in mainstream settings, with some experience in a grammar school, Sixth Form and further education colleges and some practice in higher education.


In relation to the principles of mathematics associated with the science curriculum, her observation of school pupils is that they often struggle to apply effectively, mathematics to science. She is passionate about helping pupils to break through the barriers in their learning. As a result, her work within this field, has lead to research which focused on developing cross curriculum links between maths and science. In aiming to bridge the gap between maths and science, this work led to the award of a Master’s Degree in Education (MEd).

Further observation of her school pupils led to an interest in cross curriculum links between science and religion. Even as a novice within the field, I could sense the apparent conflict between the two disciplines. She was in search of a compatible paradigm between science and religion partly due to professional reasons, but predominantly personal, because of her faith in accepting Christ as my personal saviour.

Maureen is a member of both the Association for Science Education (ASE), the Science and Religion Forum, where she has an active role as the new Editor of the Forum's journal. She is also active in the Learning about Science and Religion (LASAR) project.  Through Christians in Science she has also become acquainted with  other projects such as God and the Big Bang and BioLogos. Maureen feels a sense of support and encouragement in knowing that there are other Christians operating within the science and religion field. In hindsight,


She is currently conducting research with epistemic insight of a science teacher (of Christian faith). In targeting other practitioners, researchers and policy makers, this research forms the basis of a component for her current studies towards a professional Doctorate in Education, (EdD). 

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