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The Science and Religion Forum (SRF) had its inception in a series of discussions involving scientists, theologians and clergy which took place in Oxford in the early 1970s.  The key figure in the early discussions was Arthur Peacocke who was to become the Forum’s first Chairman, and later a Vice President and then President. 

Today, SRF exists to promote discussion between scientific understanding and religious thought on issues at the interface of science and religion, and membership is open to people of any religion or none.



Join us!

The Science and Religion Forum is open to anybody with an academic or personal interest in the discussion between science and all religion


The Forum publishes its outputs through our journal 'Reviews' and through conference proceedings each year.

Members can also subscribe to  the journal 'Science and Christian Belief' at a reduced rate.


We run a full three day academic conference every two years and an overnight focused topical meeting in the years between.

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