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The SRF normally hosts meetings in the following pattern:

  • Odd numbered years - Residential (Hybrid) conference, usually over three days. These conferences revolve around a central theme and feature keynote lectures, parallel sessions, our AGM, and the Gowland Lecture (our annual public lecture).

  • Even numbered years - Residential conference (24 hours lunch -lunch) or a mini-series of online 24 hour conferences. These conferences may feature a single speaker or feature parallel sessions on a central theme, our AGM, and the Gowland Lecture (our annual public lecture).


Our 2022 Conference  'Information and Reality – Questions for Religions and Science' was held in Birmingham 

26th-28th May 28th 2022

2021 Conference

Our 2021 conference 'Science, Religion and Human Identity'. was held online.

26th-28th May 2021

Past Conferences

The Science and Religion Forum has hosted over forty annual meetings and conferences. Find out more about the many (and surprising!) topics that we have discussed together.

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