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SRF Annual Conference 2022 - Birmingham


Topic: Information and Reality – Questions for Religions and Science

Location: Woodbrooke Study Centre, 1046 Bristol Road Birmingham, B29 6LJ, United Kingdom

Strand 1:

Whilst questions at the interface of religions and science have long been concerned with issues that touch on metaphysics including constitution, personhood, action and interaction (human and divine), these are often addressed from the assumption that, at its most fundamental level, reality is composed of some form of substance. However, there is increasing traction to the idea that information (quantum, biological, digital) are the fundamental building blocks of the universe. What impact does this metaphysical shift have on our theological understanding of the world?

Strand 2:

Information (biological, personal, digital) is increasingly important in understanding the place of religions, ethics, and science in society, for example in AI and medical data collection. What are the theological and/or ethical implications of the interaction of information and science in society?

Keynote Speakers and Titles

The Gowland Public Lecture 2022 will be given by Prof. Niels Henrick Gregersen, University of Copenhagen with the title “The God with Clay: Theology in a World of Mass, Energy, and Information”. A Response will be given by Dr Andrew Robinson, University of Exeter.

Dr Emily Qureshi-Hurst, Pembroke College, University of Oxford - The Many Worries of Many Worlds: Exploring Some Implications of Everettian Quantum Mechanics

Dr Beth Singler, Homerton College, University of Cambridge - Deepfaking God? AI and Religious Creativity, Information, and Disinformation

Revd Dr Peter Phillips, Spurgeon's College - God and the Metaphysics of Information

Dr Matthew Kuan Johnson, University of Oxford and Dr Rachel Siow Robertson, University of Cambridge - Co-Liberatory Framework for Big Data

Rev. Dr Mike Fuller, New College, University of Edinburgh - Big Data: Risks and (Theological) Responses


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