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Past Conferences

The SRF has run a wide range of conferences over nearly fifty years. Many of these conferences have dealt with practical issues in the field such as the role of science in apologetics or education while others have been about more abstract topics such as Time or God's action in the physical world. Often the conferences have also grappled with new and emerging topics early on such as artificial intelligence or socio-biology.

In previous years proceedings from these conferences have been released in published editions for purchase. In more recent years selected keynotes and short papers have been published as special editions in Zygon. 

Below you can find a list of our past conferences. Where available additional information is available the year will hyperlink to the relevant page. Details of past conferences will be added to this site on an ongoing basis so please check back at a later time if the particular year you are interested in is not yet available.


If you have attended any of these conferences in the past and have any material, memories, thoughts or photos of your own that you wish to add then please get in touch.

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