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SRF 2017 Conference

Mental Wellbeing, Neuroscience and Religion

Bishop Grosseteste University, Longdales Road, Lincoln, UK

31st August - 2nd September 2017

Our 2017 conference was run in partnership with the Guild of Health and St Raphael.


There are signs that, after several decades of exploring traditional themes such as creation and divine action, a paradigm shift is beginning to take place in the dialogue between science and religion. The special questions surrounding the biological, mental, and theological significance of the human person have occupied centre stage for the last few years, but researchers are beginning to look at even more subtle questions regarding human wholeness, identity, and health. The previous fascination with the nature of human consciousness is therefore broadening out to include issues of mental welfare, along with the theological bearing of practices such as mindfulness. The forthcoming Science and Religion Forum Conference will explore some these themes, in collaboration with the Guild of Health and St Raphael, with some of the leading names in the UK from both academia and healthcare speaking.

Speakers: Liz Grant, Michael Harvey, Suzanne Hyde, David McDonald, Ben Ryan, Roger Bretherton and Fraser Watts.

Download the conference programme and abstracts here.

Proceedings from the conference are to be published in both the SRF's own journal and in the journal Zygon.


Reports from selected conference sessions:

Welcome Address

Michael Fuller

SRF Chair

University of Edinburgh

After Dinner Conversation

Listening to a Conversation

Michael Harvey

and Sarah Lane Ritchie

Final Remarks

Mark Harris

University of Edinburgh

First Plenary

The Church and Mental Health: Theological and Practical Responses

Ben Ryan, Theos

Short Papers Session 2

Room 3

Papers by

Sarah Lane Richie

Emmanuel Nartey

Gowland Lecture

The Space Between − What Happens when Compassion Becomes the Boundary Marker 

Liz Grant

University of Edinburgh

Closing Remarks

Gillian Straine

Director of The Guild of Health and St Raphael

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