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Arthur Peacocke at 100
Online Conference Series:
The continuing relationship between Science and Religion in a Scientific Age

13th-14th June Continuous and co-creation: Emergence in a Scientific Age
28th-29th October Science, Causality and God : Divine
 Action in a Scientific Age
27th-28th November Filling and Surrounding the World: Pa
n(en)theism in a Scientific Age
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Previous Meeting...
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Gowland Lecture 2023...

Our last meeting was on the theme of Significance and Symbolism of Animals in Science and Religion Dialogue: Watch Keynotes and Short Papers via our YouTube Channel.

The 2023 Gowland lecture was given by Dr Suzanna Millar with a response from Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg. Dr Millar's title was 'From Larvae to Leviathan: Living with animals in the book of Job'.

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